Sports Massage

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My sports massage treatment includes an intrinsic biomechanical assessment. The assessment will identify how key joints, muscles and nerves are functioning by looking at every part of your body’s movement, not just the part that may be sore or tight.

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This assessment highlights areas of dysfunction which you may not always be aware of. These can interfere with the normal flow of nerves, blood and lymph and can lead to injury.

The results provide focus to the massage, working on the muscles that are weak or tight. You will be prescribed corrective exercises to do at home to maintain the effect of the treatment and empower you to take control of your issues, rather than feeling you have to rely on the therapist.

As a RockDoc practitioner where required I use RockTape to treat, support and enhance the massage treatment.

Info! You do not have to be a sports performer to benefit from a sports or remedial massage.

Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Preventing injuries and loss of mobility that can be caused by overuse.
  • Reducing tension in muscles.
  • Pain management.
  • Helping to alleviate stress and anxiety while inducing relaxation.
  • Improving the circulation and lymphatic flow (the removal of waste products from the body).
  • Massage can boost athletic performance and assist in mental preparation.

Who benefits from Sports Massage?

Whether you are a sports person, a fitness enthusiast or simply want to be able to perform day-to-day activities more freely, everyone can benefit from a sports massage.

It also helps to prevent injury, improves posture and relieves stress.

When should I get a sports massage?

Elite athletes have utilised massage for injury prevention and increased performance, however more and more people are now also realising the benefits of regular massage treatment.

A sports massage is ideal if you have a specific problem such as a tight ITB from running.

After a massage you should feel lighter, stronger and more flexible. And those little aches and pains that you thought were normal will be gone.


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