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BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis

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The BodyMOT

Using the Bodystat 1500 technology and tools, Libby will perform a series of tests to measure how well your body is currently functioning.

The Lifestyle Analysis

The test begins with an analysis of your current lifestyle including sleep patterns, stress levels, exercise routines and daily habits and how they might be impacting on your health.

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The BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis takes understanding your health and wellbeing to a whole new level.

Do you lack energy?

Have you tried every diet and nothing has worked?

Are you unsure what’s really happening inside your body?

Would you like to improve your health naturally? 

What The BodyMOT Includes:

Blood pressure and resting heart rate

Body composition: how much of your body weight is fat, how much is muscle and how much is water

Hydration levels

Height, weight and waist circumference

Acidity/alkalinity [testing PH balance in saliva and urine]

Urine test - liver and kidney function, glucoses

Taste test for mineral levels

Joint and muscle function

Peak flow - breathing

What Happens Next?

Following your test Libby will send you a detailed report and plan of action. She will advise key nutritional and lifestyle changes to help you look, feel and move better. After 4-6 weeks she will invite you to come for a retest, to monitor your progress and discuss the way forward.

Body composition, health and nutrition coaching packages are available starting from £67 per month.

These clients did just that:



Lisa Sawdon - Leicestershire

No more antacid meds Libby you are an inspiration. I no longer have the dreaded runs. I feel more motivated, not bloated and am actually looking at ingredients in food.

Didn't realise I ate so much crap.

Anita Raymont, Tutor, 50. Loughborough

Before I started with Libby I didn't have much energy, my weight was increasing and didn't feel very healthy.

I had been in touch with Libby a year ago but never gone through with it. This time there's no turning back.

I was scared of my results because I could see what was happening in the outside. Working with Libby has given me a new lease of life. I feel like I have started all over again. She is very knowledgable, supportive and always there to give me advice.

My results in a month have been amazing I am not only feeling better physically but also mentally.

My weight is decreasing and my nutrition knowledge expanding.

I'm loving life, food and exercise.


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