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Biomechanics Assessment

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A Biomechanics Assessment will find out what’s happening under your bonnet, keep you moving freely and stop you from breaking down.

Initial appointments are 1hr 30mins and additional appointment times are scheduled at 55 minutes each.

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Biomechanics Assessment

We service our cars on a regular basis. Why don’t we do the same with our bodies?

A Biomechanics Assessment will find out what’s happening under your bonnet, keep you moving freely and stop you from breaking down. You don’t have to be a sportsperson or fitness fanatic to benefit from a biomechanics assessment.

Who is it suitable for?

It's suitable for people of all ages from children to seniors. Designed for any person suffering from general aches and pains, to the more athletic sport injuries. The Biomehanics Assessment will help rid you of those niggles, reoccurring discomfort and prevent you from further injury in future.

DO YOU.....

Suffer from recurring injuries?
Want to become stronger and more stable?
Have lower back pain?
Want to perform better at your sport?
Want to be pain free?
Need a general body checkup?

What the Biomechanics Assessment includes

An intrinsic biomechanics assessment of the body’s individual structures including the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet.

The screen will include the major muscles, nerves and bony structures that are known through evidence to cause abnormal function, faulty movement patterns and in some cases pain.

A corrective exercise plan will be given based on the results.

We will explain how these simple and effective techniques can fit into your daily routine, at home or at work.

Following the appointment we will send you a full biomechanics report detailing the assessment findings, prescribed exercises and treatment plan.

Follow up appointments include biomechanics assessment, revised corrective exercise plan and bodywork therapy such as sports massage, joint mobilisation and RockTape application.

Statistical Evidence

the body as a master of compensation

Research shows that around 60% of knee and foot problems can be associated with the pelvis.

91% of subjects with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries presented with abnormal pelvic biomechanics.

A higher incidence of low back pain is reported among those with a leg length discrepancy.

What Should I Wear?

It is advisable to wear or bring comfortable clothing and trainers for the assessment. You will be required to have your knees visible during certain screens, therefore sports shorts are suggested. Ladies are also advised to wear a vest or crop top if possible.


Data sheet

initial appointment with biomechanics report
1hr 30mins
follow up appointment
55 minutes

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