PaleoUp Success Stories

What Paleo means to us

Paleo isn’t just about a way of eating. It’s about listening to what your body feels and needs.

It’s about healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. We believe in getting back to our natural selves. No restrictive diets, but real food. No punishing exercise routines, freeing you from stress and pain, so that you can relax and enjoy life. Our health and performance services include Body Health MOT testing, biomechanics coaching, sports massage and nutrition. Start your enjoy your journey to better health and happiness with PaleoUp!

I was training for the London Marathon and had gathered quite a few aches and pains along the way, particularly in my hip and knee. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to continue training properly.

In addition, I was finding it difficult to shift some weight, especially considering I was doing so much running (3-4 times per week!). I was keen to have a holistic assessment to help improve my performance and physique.

Having never heard of Biomechanics, I was unsure what to expect. However, I was keen to give it a go. I did some research and felt comfortable approaching Libby for an appointment. I was looking forward to the whole person approach.

It was wonderful working with Libby right from her warm, enthusiastic greeting to the congratulatory text and email after I completed the London Marathon. Being asked to do a food diary and then listening to Libby’s analysis was a revelation.

Turns out I wasn’t eating enough! I was given a strict (but easily understandable) regime to follow, bespoke for my needs and situation. The biomechanics assessment and subsequent exercises made a significant difference to my body (and mind). And, the sports massage was out of this world…..I learnt a lot about nutrition, performance psychology and biomechanics from my sessions.

After the sessions with Libby I was successfully able to continue with my marathon training. My body shape changed, I lost weight and my energy levels significantly increased. My body felt stronger and the issues with my knees and hips disappeared. And this meant I hit my goal of a sub 5 hour London Marathon, finishing in 4hrs 50…..I was delighted.

I believe I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the support from Libby…Thank you!


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